Don’t just listen to us. Listen to the Chefs.

As a supplier, we could spend a lot of time telling you how great our product is. But you don’t want to hear that. You want to read reviews, take recommendations from friends/family/chefs and do your own tasting. So, it was nice to spot one of Dublin’s hottest chefs mention our duck in the SeptemberContinue reading “Don’t just listen to us. Listen to the Chefs.”

Thornhill Duck…What’s all the fuss?

What makes Thornhill Duck better than the rest? When it comes to selecting food, whether you are a chef or a home cook, we all want food that is of the highest quality, tastes great and offers real value for money. Like all poultry and game, there is a huge difference in taste between the highContinue reading “Thornhill Duck…What’s all the fuss?”